“We teach psychological tools, ideas & skill-sets that enrich lives and help create profound, sustainable change”

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Solutions in Mind was created by Mind Expert Steven Burns. It’s mission is to provide comprehensive psychological solutions that help people transform & make an impact.

About Steven

My passion is to empower others through coaching and education. To help them learn, develop, transform and then make a positive impact on the world.

NLP, Hypnosis & Coaching are my specialities but I love anything to do with human psychology. It’s my mission is to explore human experience and help other people connect with more of their innate wisdom and resourcefulness so they can make a profound, positive impact on the world.

I’ve been a professional NLP therapist, Hypnotherapist and Coach for close to 20 years and I co-run the leading NLP & Hypnosis training company in Scotland, The Scottish Centre of NLP.

I love to teach and conduct several live certification programmes in NLP & Hypnosis, in Scotland, throughout the year. I’ve also created a host of online NLP and hypnosis courses and i’m massively proud & honoured that my online student base is now over 35,000, spanning over 164 different countries.

I am also passionate about coaching and have designed several different signature coaching programmes to help you move forward personally & professionally.

If you’d like to learn, develop, transform and make an impact, i’ll do the very best I can to help you.

Transform and
make an impact

We teach you how to learn, develop and transform as an individual. And then teach you the skills you need to impact other people’s lives using NLP & Hypnosis in a profound and sustainable way. Whether that be in your workplace or as an NLP or Hypnotherapy Professional.

What are you waiting for? Life is short!

Overcome personal blocks and barriers. Bring your untapped potential to the forefront. Transform in ways you didn’t think possible.

Make a significant impact on the world.

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