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Want to Become a Coach, Therapist, or Hypnotist?

Online training to help you create transformational change with clients one-to-one.

Want to earn living make a difference to people’s lives working as a coach or therapist?

Become a skilled Coach or Therapist

The following are NLP & Hypnosis Courses that will help you become a highly skilled coach, hypnotist and/or therapist.

Coaching Skills Mastery

Coaching Skills Mastery: NLP Life Coaching – £96

Comprehensive 20.5 hour online training to help you become a masterful course, from beginner to advanced.



Hypnosis: Hypnotic Inductions Mastery – £50

Want to become a hypnotist? An 8 hour online hypnosis training. Learn progressive, rapid & instant inductions.


Hypnotic Metaphor Mastery

Hypnotic Metaphor Mastery – £50

6 hour training on how to create and deliver hypnotic metaphors & stories that stimulate profound transformation. Essential viewing for therapists and coaches.


Free Starter Courses

Want to try before you buy? We understand that. Why not enrol on one of these mini-courses.

Become a Skilled Coach: Empowering through Coaching

Learn some of the basics of coaching. What coaching is and the different methodologies. Learn how to incorporate NLP into the Coaching Process so you can make a profound difference in people’s lives.


Become a Hypnotist: Learn how to hypnotise

Choose this course if you’d like to learn about hypnosis or if you’re interested in becoming a hypnotherapist. Learn hypnotic theory and a hypnotic induction you can put into practice straight away.


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