Want to Become a Coach, Therapist, or Hypnotist?

Online training to help you create transformational change with clients one-to-one.

Become a skilled Coach or Therapist
If you'd like to improve your coaching and/or therapeutic skills then check out the following comprehensive training courses.

Coaching Skills Mastery: NLP Coach Training

20-hour comprehensive Coaching programme designed to teach you a complete coaching framework.


Online Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training

18-hour comprehensive Hypnotherapy training. Create powerful change in others with hypnotherapy.


Hypnotic Inductions Mastery

Master the hypnotic induction process. Deep-dive into hypnotic theory; learn progressive, rapid & instant inductions.


Hypnotic Metaphor Mastery: Transformational Storytelling

Create powerful change in others through hypnotic storytelling.


NLP & Hypnotherapy Client-work: create powerful change in others

Learn a powerful framework for working one-to-one with clients.


Influence, Persuasion & Conversational Change

Learn how to skilfully create change conversational. Understand and apply the principles of influence positively.

TBC (in development)

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