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Take charge of your life

Transform your life with NLP

Transform Your Life with NLP

2.5 hour course with Steven Burns and Brian Costello. Ideal for beginners looking to use NLP to make profound changes in their psychology and mind-set.


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Achieve your goals with self-hypnosis

Achieve your Goals with Self-Hypnosis

Interested in Self-Hypnosis? A free course designed to help you craft goals and communicate them to your subconscious mind. This comes with an audio download that will lead you through the entire process.


Empower others to Transform their life

Become a Skilled Coach: Empowering through Coaching

Learn some of the basics of coaching. Learn how to incorporate NLP into the Coaching Process so you can make a profound difference in people’s lives.


Learn how to Hypnotise

Become a Hypnotist: Learn how to hypnotise.

Choose this course if you’d like to learn about hypnosis or if you’re interested in becoming a hypnotherapist. Learn hypnotic theory and a hypnotic induction you can put into practice straight away.


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