A lot of people search for positivity: they seek to eradicate negativity from their life so that they are only left with the good.

But there’s something more powerful than just being positive all the time; there’s something that we tend to value more than just feeling good in the moment.

That something is, Meaning.

It’s nice to live life from a positive base, but it’s more important to find what we do meaningful.

That’s what gets us up in the morning; that’s what makes life worthwhile.

It’s also what allows us to handle adversity – if something is meaningful to us then it gives us the strength and resilience to push on through the discomfort.

So how do we live a more meaningful life?

There’s a lot to this, but here’s a quick strategy that I think should always be your starting point:

About the Trainer:

Steven Burns has been a NLP therapist, Hypnotherapist and Coach for close to 20 years and co-runs the leading NLP & Hypnosis training company in Scotland, The Scottish Centre of NLP.

He loves to teach live certification programmes in NLP & Hypnosis, in Scotland, throughout the year. He has also created a host of online NLP and hypnosis courses and has an online student base of over 35,000, spanning 164 different countries.

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