Are you Having a Wonderful life? – if not, give this a go….

Are you having a wonderful life?

A few months ago I finally watched the film “it’s a wonderful life”.

What a great film!

And it also contains a really powerful change-process.

In the last 3rd, James Stewart has reached breaking point; his family business is close to bankruptcy and he faces jail.

During his despair, he attempts suicide and – after being saved by his guardian angel – he declares emphatically that he wished he was never born.

His wish is instantly granted and from this point on he gets to see what his home town – and the lives of those he loved – would be like if he wasn’t born.

A powerful film, and a powerful perspective to take.

By seeing the negative effects that his town, and the people he loved, experienced in his absence he starts to deeply appreciate the positive impact he has had on his environment; how worthwhile and meaningful his life has been.

In an instant he goes from despair to joy; from apathy to appreciation; from sadness to bliss.

It’s just a film, but it’s also a great demonstration of transformational change.

So, if you were to be erased from history – a cheery thought, i know! – how would others be negatively impacted?

What are you taking for granted, with regards to your talents, your efforts and your contributions?

It might sound like a bleak perspective to take but it can be very empowering.

You’ll be making more of an impact on the world than what you think, so why not take some time to reflect on what these hidden contributions might be.

What positive ripple effect do you create through your actions, attitude and energy? How do you contribute without realising it?

For it’s a wonderful life indeed. We just sometimes need a shift in perspective to see it.

Have a wonderful week!



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