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The following are NLP & Hypnosis Courses that can be used to help turbo-charge your personal & professional development.

Personal Transformation - Learn NLP online

NLP Personal Transformation Course – NLP for Personal Development

8 hour, professionally recorded online training that will teach you how to use NLP to transform from the inside-out.


Self-Hypnosis Mastery

Self-Hypnosis Mastery – Hypnosis for Personal Development

10.5 hour, professionally recorded online training that will teach you how to harness the power of self-hypnosis to create change.


Learn NLP Online

NLP at Work – NLP for Career Development

7.5 hour online training that will teach you how to use NLP in the Workplace and be more successful in your career.


Specialised Course

Learn the secrets of sustainable, multi-layered confidence. Become the person you know deep-down you can be. Taught by a therapist & coach with 20 years experience.

The Ultimate Confidence Course: Claim your Inner Power

6-hour online training that will teach you how to build natural confidence, boost self-esteem & become your best self.


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Free Starter Courses & Downloads

Want to try before you buy? We understand that. Why not try one of these mini-courses or audio downloads.

Achieve your goals with self-hypnosis

Achieve your Goals with Self-hypnosis

Interested in Self-Hypnosis? A free course designed to help you craft goals and communicate them to your subconscious mind. This comes with an audio download that will lead you through the entire process. Make use of the power of Self-hypnosis.


How to Deal with Criticism

How to deal with criticism

Learn a powerful process that will help you turn criticism into empowerment. Resolve to emotional distress of criticism and learn to use it as a platform for development. Also comes with a free audio download of the process.


The Self-Love Process

A powerful eyes closed, imagination process (mp3), drawing from NLP & Hypnosis, that will help you connect with your true value as a person. By doing so you will increase confidence, self-worth & self-esteem naturally.