Quickly reduce the Intensity of Negative Emotions with this Technique (Video Lesson)


Steven Burns

Hi! I’m Steven. I’m a professional therapist, coach, trainer & author with over 20 years experience. I teach the latest psychological tools and techniques to help you transform and make a difference.

Negative experiences – and the emotions we attach to them – are inevitable aspects of life.

Not everything turns out the way we’d like. Bad stuff happens and sometimes we hold onto the emotional residue.

So it’s important to have a way to let go of and resolve past memories and emotions that aren’t serving us.

This is a large topic, but one of my go-to “first steps” when it comes to letting go of negative past memories and emotions is dissociation.

If you’d like to learn how to use the power of dissociation to start the process of resolving negative emotions, check out this 5-minute video:

{If you’d like to learn more about emotional management then I’d recommend you check out this eBook – if you haven’t already. It’s a 34-page Insider’s Guide on Understanding & Influencing your Emotions}.

Download The Insider’s Guide to Understanding & Influencing your Emotions by clicking on the image below.

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