Video Lesson: The Key Vehicle when it comes to Creating Personal Change.

How do we stimulate change as human beings?

How do we break free from our psychological limitations and experience a sense of personal freedom and choice?

Well, it’s a big subject, and there are lots of ways.

There is one key vehicle though, we can use, that can help us step out of our problems and into our solutions.

It’s something that needs to be practiced, but it’s well worth the effort. For more information on this vehicle, check out this week’s video lesson below:

About the Trainer:

Steven Burns has been a NLP therapist, Hypnotherapist and Coach for close to 20 years and co-runs the leading NLP & Hypnosis training company in Scotland, The Scottish Centre of NLP.

He loves to teach live certification programmes in NLP & Hypnosis, in Scotland, throughout the year. He has also created a host of online NLP and hypnosis courses and has an online student base of over 35,000, spanning 164 different countries.

Want to learn how to run your mind more effectively and create powerful, sustainable change?

Check out the 8-hour online NLP Personal Transformation Course using the link below:

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